Employee Offboarding tips
Are You Doing Offboarding Right?

Like every drop of water forms an ocean, it’s the combined effort of all employees that forms an organization and drives its success. And that is why at every touchpoint with an employee, fostering a positive culture is essential, from creating a worthwhile candidate experience at the interview to a welcoming onboarding. From a constructive […]

How to prepare for remote emergencies
How To Prepare For Remote Emergencies And Tips To Prevent Them

Almost every working professional has now experienced some form of remote work because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But working styles and habits that were in place for decades are not easy to change. It’s more straightforward at the individual level, but what about the organization as a whole? Like in an office setting, the organization […]

Intern Diaries with Rahul Agrawal: A Geologist Who Codes

Just when you thought we only introduce our full-time team members to the world, we decided to break away from the norm and introduce our overachiever intern: Rahul Agrawal. A self-taught coder, Rahul truly exhibits that one can achieve anything with hard work and determination. Read on to uncover his motivation triggers, remote-work experience, future […]

future of work
What The Future Of Work Looks Like: Post-Pandemic Work Life

Newton’s third law of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This era’s force of change is the infamous COVID-19 pandemic. It did not just change people’s habits, but their lifestyles as well. Be it school, restaurants, or offices, all areas of life are getting rewired the world over. It is […]

From Thor To Talent Acquisition: Meet ‘Marvel’ous Brooke Colaco

Born in Goa’s quaint and picturesque state and brought up in the fast-paced life of Mumbai, Brooke Colaco is your perfect city girl. She understands and represents different spectrums of modern lifestyle and people’s behavior. It, therefore, hardly comes as a surprise that she chose a career in managing Human Resources. Brooke, a strong advocate […]

Layoffs: Turn Crisis Into Opportunities With These Strategies

The twin crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and the falling job market have created a global stir. Layoffs, furloughs, and salary cuts have become part of our regular conversations. Undoubtedly, the degree of impact is industry-dependent. But the latest trends tell us that even the best of technology and digital companies are affected at a […]

remote working myths
Remote Working Myths That You Thought Were True

After working remotely for almost six months, one thing has become apparent – ‘Remote Working’ grows on you. And we can say this very confidently as we currently have the same experience working with Skuad as we are 100% remote like many of you and your organizations. Like many companies with a remote workforce, we […]

Tips For Working Remotely
Remote Working: 13 Secret Tips Nobody Told You About!

What we anticipated as a far-fetched business running approach has now become our new reality. The future of work has come, abruptly and intensely. The average monthly searches for ‘remote jobs online from home’ have increased owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote company culture was complex at first, but our high-reaching capabilities as humans and […]

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