Employee Onboarding In a Remote Set Up

Experience seamless onboarding of your overseas employees

What Is Employee Onboarding?

Employee Onboarding refers to the process of assimilating new recruits in an organization. This process consists of various steps and can last for months. It includes hiring of an employee, his date of joining, orientation and training, coordination with other teams and re-evaluation of the employee’s experience after a few months in the organization. While for some, employee onboarding can be a one-day affair, others keep up with the process for months.

HR experts believe that the better the onboarding process, the higher is the productivity and retention rate of the employees. However, making the process efficient and effective is easier said than done. And the challenges increase manifold when it comes to onboarding remote employees.

Difficulties an Employer faces when onboarding an overseas employee

Employee onboarding can be divided into two parts.

Formal Onboarding:

This includes onboarding of an employee on a company’s HRMS tools and people platforms, formal orientation, organized tasks, classroom training, etc.

Informal Onboarding:

This may include impromptu management meetings, allotment of IDs, equipment, etc.

When inducting a new hire who will work remotely, an employer faces multiple challenges

Background verification of the employees

Providing documents, offers and contracts correctly and timely

Efficiently introducing new hire to the team

Organizing orientation and training programs

Providing right support and infrastructure

Effective communication and coordination between the new employees and the rest of the teams

Inculcating company culture

Regular engagement and conversations with the employees to keep them motivated and in sync with company’s goals

Skuad's Solution To Employee Onboarding

Skuad makes onboarding of your remote employees simple, seamless and hassle-free. Our unified self-serve platform enables easy onboarding. With Skuad as your Employer of Record (EOR), you can send country compliant contracts for digital signatures, automate onboarding workflow, approve payments and invoice as well as manage all local compliances and taxation in one place.

With Skuad as your EOR, you can be assured of a complete onboarding solution. Our experts will always be available to provide support. In case, you have any questions,

Please talk to us!

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